Rest Area


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Having been on the road more than usual this summer, I’m aware that some signs are more desirable than others. Some signs are related to my felt needs. Yield, No Parking, Stop, these are signs that relate to controlling my interactions with others. One sign in particular relates to me.

Rest Area.

I drink coffee. If you read this blog or look at my Flickr much, you know this. As a result, while traveling, I need breaks. I feel the need, with great urgency at times. And so, I am willing to stop. I choose to stop.

As we are working on our life journeys, there are times that we have to Stop, and we argue. But we are made to need to stop occasionally, regularly. These stops are for our own well-being, refocusing, refreshing.

We can’t stay in a rest area forever, since it is a pause, not a destination. But today, don’t ignore that sense inside calling you to stop, to take a break.



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