Yesterday was a delightfully confusing day of 2.0-0.0 interactions. (Just for sake of simplicity, 0.0 interactions are those that happen without digital technology. 2.0 are interactions which happen with digital technology.)

  • Our preacher for the day was Rick Dugan, who i knew years ago in real life, but whom I have finally gotten to know through our blogging.
  • Before the service, I looked around and realized that he and Anna, who have talked through comments, had never met. I introduced them, they shook hands, and then she said, “we know each other more than a handshake” and gave him a quick hug.
  • During the first part of the service, I went to my office and looked at email, where I found a Twitter DM asking me whether we were streaming. I had forgotten to restart the ustream after stopping it between services.
  • In the service, Rick mentioned how he puts his sermon topics on his blog BEFORE preaching and how several people help him work through the sermon ideas. As a result, people from around the world are shaping sermons preached in real time in Nicosia. After the service, two people asked me for his blog address. Two non-bloggers.
  • Throughout the day I was watching Connie Reece’s “make Connie laugh” competition, and laughing myself. She took a down Saturday and turned it into a weekend project for several people which made us laugh and compete and create a new level of community involvement.
  • On Saturday evening I wrote a post about one of our daughters, which brought responses from my whole community and some new friends…and the lines between on-line and off-line seemed irrelevant.
  • We had a picnic Saturday afternoon to honor Anna who was the human driving force behind our interaction with teen mothers. We ended up with a geek table and a non-geek table, though the two tables sent each other pictures. When asked by his son, my friend Bill defined geek as “anyone who is passionate about something.”
  • Through the afternoon, I texted with our son Andrew who is with his girlfriend’s family in South Carolina. He wrote:

    “The markclan says hi! I just explained to them how great texting is since I can converse with you while I’m conversing with them.”

    So I read that to the group at our party, since they had just been giving me a difficult time about texting while being around people.

  • I walked into the circle of people and sat down. There was a lull in conversation (I don’t think because I walked up). So I said something about discussing alternative endings to “The Wizard of Oz”. People began creating endings where as the credits roll the witch’s feet unroll from under the house. There were others. A couple people looked at me oddly wondering where that had come from. I just smiled, knowing that it was a blending of two threads from twitter by @cathleenritt where she was adding characters to “wizard of oz” and was creating alternate endings to Harry Potter.

Who cares about this description of my hopelessly geeky life? Because 0.0 and 2.0 community are less distinct all the time. At least in my circle, people are crossing technology platforms between air-mediated and wire-mediated communication all the time. This back and forth through whatever medium is how we interact, how we think, how we care and cry and laugh and celebrate and tease and touch.

And as I write, I realize that I need to stop being so amazed at the coolness of listening to a guy living in Cyprus talk to people in Fort Wayne about getting a text from Sri Lanka after talking myself about hearing by text and email from our team in Jamaica.

For me it’s not a 2.0 or 0.0 or any point 0 world anymore. It’s the world I live in with the people I know. So no more about amazing technology. It’s time to focus on the amazing people (and the amazing God).

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7 responses to “Community

  1. You’ve illustrated a point I keep trying to make way better than I could even hope to. Guess whose family members are getting a link to your blog in their email today. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting for me :^)

  2. “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed (or text,or twitter or blog or…), DO IT ALL in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” Colossians 3:17, the 2.0 version 🙂

  3. a “geek table” and those who are still in denial.

  4. That did make me smile. It is wonderful to have technology that by connecting us electronically, connects us emotionally, creatively and spiritually. I’m glad that my ideas helped you forge a connection with real life friends too.

  5. Jon,

    Delighted to read about how Ustream has become a part of your everyday routine. We love the idea of helping people make more 2.0 interactions happen. Keep up the good work!

    Chris Yeh

  6. I don’t believe anyone said we were at a non-geek table, only that yours was without question THE geek table.

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