Foggy guidance

Foggy guidance

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We were driving down the Blue Ridge Parkway today, a road which is frequently above the clouds.

Okay, to give more background, it is a two-lane road, speed limit 45, which runs through North Carolina and Virginia along the Blue Ridge Mountains. At some points, the roadway is above 4000 feet.

Several times we were driving through the clouds, a dense fog which made visibility challenging. There are no white lines painted along the sides of the road, leaving only the yellow line in the middle.

“Follow the yellow line,” Nancy said.

It wasn’t always easy. At times we couldn’t see anything other than the two yellow lines, just a few feet ahead of us. WIth no boundary to tell us how far to the right we could stray, the only hope, short of stopping (and dealing with traffic from behind) was to focus on the yellow line.

Often, I think, we look for the edges of acceptable behavior. We try to figure out how much room we have to wander. And when we can see everything in front of us, this kind of flexibility is fun. However, there are times when we can’t see anything ahead and to the side can be a cliff or a rock wall or some other unknown.

At those times…and perhaps all the time, find the yellow line. Stick to what is clear. Live by faith that it takes you where you need to go. Don’t try to figure out how far away you can go. And when the fog lifts, you’ll be in the right lane.


3 responses to “Foggy guidance

  1. There’s nothing foggy about this analogy. Thanks.

  2. Our “yellow line” would be Jesus, right?

  3. sorry, that was me again. didn’t realize i was logged into “outside the walls”