Hope for Jamaica

Hope to Jamaica

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I’m often clueless. I confess. I didn’t realize until this morning, for example, that if you fly from Fort Wayne to Jamaica, you fly over Cuba. Why does that matter? Because our daughter is on a plane today which is taking that route.

She’s part of a team of 7 teens and 4 adults who will be working in a soup kitchen, finishing a bathroom, and playing with kids in an orphanage. They will probably doing several other things as well.

The convenient way to say that last sentence is, “doing God only knows what.” That, of course, would be true. That’s why they are going. Because one way or another each of those people believes that they are going on the trip, doing the work, raising the money for God.

Did they hear a voice? Did they get an email? Was there a vision? Did God write on their Facebook wall? (He has written on walls before, of course). I can’t tell you. I do know that for one member of the team, a long-overdue passport arrived randomly an hour after “the hardest thing I ever had to do.”–a breakup that seemed to be in response to God.

So we release our 16-year-old daughter to the care of people who aren’t related to her, in a place where we have never been, to do things that she has never done.

God only knows why parents would do that. Of course, maybe that’s why her name is Hope.


5 responses to “Hope for Jamaica

  1. First time I’ve ever put a child on a plane, bus, etc. that the tears of fear didn’t fall. Amazing what can happen when you actually let God’s peace in BEFORE fear has a chance to attack!

  2. How awesome is it to think that all these ten days a bunch of people who love your family will be asking a God who loves your daughter better than we do and even more than you do to take care of her and teach her and use her? There’s definitely something to that phrase, “…got it covered.”

  3. Jon…
    Just started reading (thank you Twitter!) and had to let you know…what a cool daughter and what a cool experience for her at such an age. We can be certain that lives will be changed…Hope’s and others. Praying for this trip… -Kait Swanson 🙂

  4. My your daughter, Hope, as well as all her traveling companions, be blessed, annointed and protected as they travel to, thru and around our beautiful island home. Thank you for anything you do to uplift our youth. Blessed love, Lady Roots

  5. thank you friends for your encouragement.