Linking to Chris is something i do often, and not just for link attention. It’s because he is trying to figure out how to build community and build relationship and that matters to me as well.

Today he is picking up on the fishbowl theme again and working to get people who get social media to use it to tell stories back to their own communities rather than just to other social network people.

Last week was the third iteration in that effort for a particular project with which our church is involved. We are part of Hope City, a Katrina rebuilding project in Gulfport, MI. When I was there last October, I blogged it here. In March, Mark and Laurie and Stacey picked up that torch at Outside the walls. Last week, Anna went down and worked on the project and blogged and flickr’ed it.

What I realized about this project is that if we want it to help change how our church thinks about helping, we need to treat it as more of a mainstream newsflow for our church community.

1. For the week ahead of time, we need to let people know about the site through the bulletin and newsletter and announcements – all of our old media church information tools.

2. I need to prepare instructions for the designated blogging team members. Passwords and user names and instructions need to be clear so Anna isn’t calling me at 11 pm trying to figure out the password…which I hadn’t given her.

3. We need to build blogging into the list of jobs, like bus driver and kitchen crew and medical crew. To use social media as ways to drag the people in Fort Wayne along on the trip, the role needs to be clear and empowered.

4. We need to keep the flow of information going to that site between trips as well. People talking about the changes that have happened as a result of the trip. People planning what can be done in the future.

Chris is right is saying that we need to use the tools back in our real communities. We’re excited with the testing we’ve done, and the people who have gone have done a wonderful job in capturing the fun and the life-change of the trips.

Thanks Anna. Thanks Chris.

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4 responses to “shameless

  1. Yes,yes,yes, exactly! I’ve had two conversations today about how to get the church to actually READ this blog! Let me know if there’s any way I can help get the word out…

  2. It was only 10 and I knew you were on the west coast – 2 hours earlier.

    And, look for video and at least one more post later this week.

  3. oh, i didn’t care about the time, i was frustrated by getting in the way of success.

  4. Excellent–Here, here! (Listen for applause…) On point one, I think a key is the personal connection. People may not always follow through on bulletin/newsletter suggestions if they are just set before them. But, if a person real person gives a “commercial” to entice and recommend, that’s a different story.