My part of conference

My part of conference

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It’s early here in Portland but my body is still on Indiana time, at least in the morning. At night, I’m on Portland time. That is not a healthy combination.

I just looked at my photostream on my personal flickr account and realized that there are pictures of me at the computer, pictures of coffee, and pictures immediately in front of the hotel.

That’s a bit scary. I am blogging at a site for the conference ( – very churchy) and there are more pictures there that aren’t me, but still…that’s a lot of time at the computer drinking coffee.

What’s happening is that I’m processing this event through very basic mew media. My thinking is through a lens and a post. I’m working as a translator, almost as much as the two people sitting in the back of the room translating everything into spanish.

One high point yesterday? Giving a guy here a pownce invite. It means that there was one other person out of 450 people who actually knew what it was. I think his point may have been seeing ubuntu as the operating system on this laptop.

As I think about it, I’m living in a 3-d grid with two choices each way. The columns? media: new and old. The rows? Jesus: know him and heard of him. The ___ (what do you call the 3rd dimension) church: as it has been and as it could be. I’m rolling around these eight cells, confused, mentally bruised, and knowing that they aren’t cells: they are all people who get trapped by walls that are actually semipermeable membranes.

Okay. I guess I really need that first cup of coffee.


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