Digital times

Thursday night we went to a softball game. It was the championship game for girls 10-12. We were going because the daughter of some friends was playing. I had my new phone along, and while Kristen was taking a picture of their daughter, I caught the picture.

This afternoon, I went to a wedding. All I had to do was start a video and the powerpoint for a couple of songs. As a result, I had plenty of time to twitter the ceremony and shoot a picture with my phone which I put up on Flickr. As a result, the audience for this wedding included guests in Oklahoma, Austin, Washington DC and Colorado.

Tonight I am working on a couple of pieces of media for our denomination’s General Conference coming up in Portland in a week. I’m building some tributes to leaders who have died in the last two years. I’m discovering pictures and stories that I don’t have yet, so I’m writing to people I don’t know asking for information.

I realize that I am sitting between worlds these days…and so are you. We have relationships that are mediated in all different ways and we get to encourage in multiple media and discover and teach (and annoy and scold and frustrate) in many ways.

So do it! Encourage someone via twitter and with a hug. Show someone a picture of a softball game and of the other side of the world. Get one new person to look at your blog (or to write one of their own ( is Tom’s new blog)). Introduce friends between your worlds (This week I introduced Kester and Connie who live in the same city, and Kester and Laurie who live 1200 mile apart).

But care about people and use whatever means you can do to it.

Yes, you.

Right now.


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