trying to explain

I’m starting a different site to look at explaining 2.0 as it applies to building relationship in a church community context. My goal is to build it using the free tools, to have it explain how to think about 2.0, to see what is available conceptually, to give examples of what I know, and to blog regularly about what else I see.

I’m mentioning it here because I realized that if I am correct about the characteristics I mention there, I need to model interactivity, collaboration, and so on. So if you have comments, help me out.

This is a draft. I know. But I love risks.

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One response to “trying to explain

  1. Even though I am hopelessly tech challenged, I felt a huge unraveling of my confusion when I clicked on your link and read through your first couple of explanations in the clarity of outline form. Now I could possibly understand the language (a little), even if I’ll never be fluent! So, I think you’re on to something.

    I was thinking just this morning that if the Lord ever moved you out of a church pastoral position, you are already pastoring/shepherding in a different way through this means….and there is much, much potential in what you are doing, I believe.