0628070818.jpg (also known as a demonstration)

This is my friend Tom. Tom likes to drink coffee. Tom likes to talk to people. Tom knows nothing about blogging or Flickr or any of that stuff. So Tom and I met to drink coffee and talk and for him to learn about blogging and Flickr and all of that kind of stuff.

We talked for a couple hours. He was smiling at the end of the time almost as much as when I took this picture. (The reason I took the picture was to show him how easy it is to post a picture here through Flickr. By the time he pointed his browser to this blog, his picture was there to greet him.

So why do you care? Because it’s part of my effort to break the fishbowl, to help people understand what and how they can do to build relationships this way.

Tom’s a pastor. He’s a great thinker and a great pray-er. And soon, he’ll be a great new media guy.

Not bad for the cost of a cup of coffee.


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2 responses to “0628070818.jpg (also known as a demonstration)

  1. Hey Tom, great that you could visit with Jon. I wish I could have been there. Perhaps one day … or we could do it virtually by Skype video sometime.

    Pls advise when you have your blog ready to go 😉


  2. Thanks for the introduction. It was good coffee with a good friend and great conversation.