not about the coolness

The risk of technology is that we can make it be about the coolness. But it isn’t about cool, it’s about connected. Our job is to build relationships, to make connections, to be involved in reconciling people to God. As a result, the test of any tool is whether is helps or hurts that. Too often we can get caught up in the medium, in the potential exposure, in the return on investment. But that isn’t what our passion should be. Our passion is not for the medium, it must be for the living breathing person on the other end.

NOTE: I wrote this for another blog, one that is for a denominational meeting coming up in a couple weeks.  I published here unintentionally. However, I’m leaving it because it is what I think, whichever blog I use. Ah technology. Sometime I’ll figure out how to use it right.

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One response to “not about the coolness

  1. Jon, your thinking is equally applicable to business. Glad you shared it here!