bouncing around

It’s a great time to talk about other people. Of course, that’s almost any time, right? But here are four things to check out. Total time? 20 minutes, unless you get stuck.

1. Chris Brogan pointed out a great thoughtful video on the potential future of new media. This is a technical piece, but with interesting theological overtones. Do I agree? Well, no.

2.. Jim Long mentions me, so this post about twittering must be good. But actually, Jim is living out the development of community primarily through twitter. What’s key is that he is making connections between twitter and real people, or better, people that he does know face-to-face. He’s also open to meeting people who he has met in digital space. He’s showing the semi-permeable membrane function of new mediaists well.

3. David Kuo is asking a great question about the role of youtube in connecting signficant people of faith with new generations. He’s writing in particular about Ruth Graham’s memorial service.

4. Steve McCoy and his wife Molly are walking through tough stuff right now. I mentioned them once before. Read his post from today about the current uncertainty. What is compelling is 1) that he is willing to share the struggles this clearly and 2) Molly and Steve are continuing to walk (slowly and painfully) through this process together and with God. Our job is to read and to pray.

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