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I’m the kid who was the clumsy, uncoordinated, nice, quiet, quasi-musical, quasi-technical, obscure kid. As a result, I was not the popular or the noticed or the outgoing kid. So when Chris Brogan tagged me (Popularity meme) to identify my most popular posts, I didn’t have any way to know. Because popular in my world is, like, seven comments with four of them being from me. However, when I started looking back over the last year, I realized that there are some posts that stand out.

Really little things This is probably the most read post because it got a link from lifehacks and it came on a quiet weekend. However, I still like the focus of the piece. I should pay attention to myself. It also mentioned Hampton Bay fans, which has gotten attention because of searches for Hampton Bay. (That should get a couple more. But the fans still are working well so I don’t care.

Ruined already This was my end of year resolutions post which got attention from a couple people for the picture. It also has been nice to look at since I am making progress on the goals (or commitments or whatever I called them)

Summary This post was a summary of a lot of conversations I had been having with people about being a Christ follower. It is just a list of “what I think” statements.

On going off probation In February I was ordained. This is the post I wrote about the process leading up to that day.

on church Chris and I have been talking about community, each trying to understand what it means in different settings. This was a post that linked Podcamp and church.

Roll Call I have no idea whether anyone read this post online. However, through Google Reader I was able to email it to my mother, who emailed it to several family members. She also printed it out and sent it to people at the VA clinic. One of those people watched her husband, who is a vet, wipe his eyes as he read it. So this one counts.

So, how did I do? For the handful who come here regularly, did I list the ones that resonated for you? (Not fishing, just wondering.)

And now I tag five people.

Rick Dugan is getting ready to travel to the US. However, he has had wonderful comment conversations…and has used them in preaching.

Steve McCoy is a great photographer and blogger. He may not follow this meme but go to his site, read about what his wife is going through, and pray for them.

Anna, Amy, Laurie are three good friends who live nearby, who see each other in church, and who would not have opportunity to talk as much as we do here. Of course, Laurie is in the middle of a play and Amy is in Maine right now, but still. Tag.

Oh. And I’m on my way with in the hour to Illinois. One of my sisters is in the hospital for tests on a mass that was just discovered and the other sister is taking care …. well, just pray for my sisters right now.

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4 responses to “not the popular one

  1. Thanks for mentioning about my wife Jon. Appreciate the prayers.


  2. Well there you are. I got the chance to see some old posts in a new light. I guess those guys knew what they were talking about.

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  4. I really liked “roll call” and “on going off probation” and I especially liked Chris’ comment on “ruined already” which follows:

    As for the failure, I’m never good at seeing it. I see lots of fruit on a big tree, and some doesn’t really grow to full size, some falls off and mulches back into the ground, but it all sustains a purpose.

    Do what you do. See how God’s fruits ripen on your strong branches, and remember, that even the “failures” are food for the tree.

    One that you didn’t mention that I particularly liked was on prayer – I think called “daddy”. Oh, and I liked your video on fear.