scary generations

We were driving home tonight, Nancy and I, from a graduation party in Michigan. It was for Nancy’s niece, Leah. We had a nice time.

As we drove back, much later at night than we are usually out, I wanted to let Andrew know where we were. So I texted “Angola”, as we were approaching Angola, Indiana, about 45 minutes from home.

His one word reply? “Zaire”.

Then, when we got home, we found out that Andrew had walked into the house and told Hope that we wouldn’t be home for two week as we were going on safari.

You know, it is really scary when you find out that your children are growing up to be like you.

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5 responses to “scary generations

  1. You should REALLY come to Africa someday!

    We’re REALLY glad to be leaving in less than a week.

  2. um . . . hilarious

  3. I laughed out loud. What a great story. Welcome to the crazy part of the family, Andrew. We’ve had moments like this with Madeline lately. She acts out like her mother-sneaking around the house and surprising us- singing and talking to no one in particular…

  4. I had the same thought before I read your comment – like father like son….
    I said I needed more Jon in my life. This has been a good way to do it.

  5. You shouldn’t be surprised…
    Thanks for giving me a chuckle this morning.