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We spent the morning working on the garden this morning. More accurately, I helped a little and Nancy spent the morning working on the garden. We dug out violas and wild strawberries and some daisies and grass that had taken over the upper section of the perennial garden. Nancy was wanting to move some stones stepping stones to new places. She was planting and transplanting. We added some bags of soil.

While we were looking at the paths, I asked if there could be an additional stepping stone to the far side. I need a place to step when crossing the bed to be able to use the grass trimmer along the back of the bed. When she asked about arrangement, I said that I just needed a path and that she is the one that understands the design.
We took a break, did some shopping, and Nancy went back to work and I started reading. (This division of labor was a gift from her to me).

After she was done and everything was put away, I went looking with the camera. When I looked at the paths that Nancy had created, I discovered that this brick path was extended to exactly where I need to go. It is weathered, aesthetic, and very functional.

I’m thinking these days a lot about paths, about next steps, about how to get from where I am to where I need to be. I wonder exactly where God is taking us and how He is arranging the bricks. Sometimes it seems that what I need to do, what I am called to do, what I am obliged to do, is on the other side of the flower bed and I can’t get there without stepping on something, without doing damage. But after today, I’m thinking that if I acknowledge to God that I know what I’m supposed to do and then leave the arrangements to Him, maybe, just maybe when I look at the path, the next set of bricks will be in place.

So here’s to letting go of the bricklaying sometimes. Here’s to not being in the spiritual roadbuilding business and staying in the path following business.


2 responses to “On the road

  1. Praying for you in that process!

  2. What meaningful analogies!

    You derive a great deal of life learning from your partnership with Nancy these days–just as it should be–each day. Isn’t God good to give us such gifts in our spouses? (Not sure how to fix the construction there–your spouse/my spouse…we each have one…you get it…)