firmly planted

firmly planted

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Given the choice of what to do on any given random nice day, I’d spend it inside. I’d play with words and ideas, I’d dig into storytelling, whether digital or analog. Right now, for example, I’m here.

In contrast, right now Nancy is out planting flowers in front of our house. Earlier, she was planting grass in our back yard. Or, more accurately, sedge.

When I think of which one of us is more grounded, that’s easy.

I’m pretty sure that what gives the two of us strength together is that we are not identical. Our strengths (and weaknesses) complement (and occasionally compliment) each other.

I’m thinking about this kind of support and interaction today because of a wonderful handbell concert last night. I will write more about that concert later, because it deserves its own post. However, what was clear was that what creates delightful and powerful music and marriage and ministry in not identicalness. It is common purpose and diversity of gifts, talents, interests, skills, handbells, mallets, and passions.

After all, if Nancy didn’t love the earth so much, what would I have to write about? And if I didn’t write, how would YOU see this part of her soul?


2 responses to “firmly planted

  1. I am SO thankful to have a wife that is different than me – just last night I was commenting to a friend how Heather has gotten well into the packing process – and if it were up to me, it would be a last minute thing.

    God designed that “opposites attract” feature of life!

  2. I think it takes a certain amount of maturity to appreciate the complementary nature of our relationships. As I watch my newlywed daughter and am engaged in conversations about the life of young marrieds, I am constantly amazed at how differences are handled with grace. I observe another newlywed couple in my family who live nearly at the other end of the spectrum–I think maturity and grace would turn their situation around 180 degrees. (That raises a question: Can people who don’t know God’s grace extend true grace?) The thing is, we don’t need the maturity and grace any less farther down the road in a relationship. “Love is not blind; it sees more. But, because it sees more, it sees less.” (I don’t konw to whom belongs the credit for this quote–I just know that I like it and have for years.”