Sometimes I listen to myself

But too often I don’t.

The first item on my list of 10 things to do today was,

1. time with Jesus.

Yesterday was full of talking, from 7:00 am until 9:00 pm. It was good talking for the most part, which was nice since I started the day with a session on conversation as the new secret marketing tool. I drew on comments on the previous couple of posts, got some great conversations going among the nonprofit ministry leaders who were at the meeting, and was able to encourage them to spend time with people.

As a result, of course, I spent the day with people. And a fire. And the assessor’s office.

So I knew this morning that I needed to spend some time refilling today, “sharpening the saw” as Covey says, “being still” as God says. I managed to sit still for about 10 minutes reading part of The Rest of God: Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath by Mark Buchanan. And then I decided to get started on the next item on my list.

2. Restore the backups.

I’ve been having problems with an off-site backup service that we started using. It takes a lot of storage on-site, and the hard drive that it was saving data on would get full and stop our network printing and even, last Monday, our email. I decided that today was the day.

It wasn’t. I spent too much time trying to puzzle it out, uninstalling and reinstalling, talking to India on tech support, moving folders. I tried to do some other things as well. And nothing in any category today worked.

I got home about 4:30 to take Nancy and Hope to the eye doctor. I had these three thoughts in very close proximity.

a. I never spent time with Jesus.
b. I should have asked for help with the stupid computer.
c. I’ll sit in the car and read while they go into the office.
d. Registry

For non-technical people, the registry on a computer is what tells programs where to look for some of their information. When you can’t figure out why a program keeps looking at a particular folder or file, the registry is where to look. Except I hadn’t thought about it at all, being a non-technical person.

For non-spiritual people, a and b are operational definitions of confession and repentance. In the same way that a kid trying to move a huge box looks up and sees a parent and says, “I can’t”, I acknowledged that I hadn’t talked with the one person who I say knows everything.

And, of course, when I finally got back to work tonight, I used regedit and changed the file location and the backup is running right now.

Did God put the word “registry” in my head? If I had taken the advise I give to other people all the time and had asked for help this morning, would the day have gone smoother? I cannot prove anything.

However, here’s what I know. The backups weren’t right and the documentation was of no help and the backup is running great now.

So I think I’ll pay more attention to my list tomorrow.

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One response to “Sometimes I listen to myself

  1. It’s pretty hilarious what is coming out of my mouth these days in advice counsel encouragement to others. I can only guess that God figures the only way I will listen is if the words actually come out of my own mouth.