Relationship marketing

So you want people to understand that the way to build business is to build relationships, to add value to the lives of other people. You need to point out how important conversation is. You have a book and a framework that shows clearly the shift in the market(ing)place toward relationships.

What can you do that will make the point?

You look for posts about buzz marketing and you comment on the post and point to your resources and you offer them and you make the comment actually relate to the post itself.

In other words, you do what Lois Kelly did the other day. Lois has taken her experience in marketing and written Beyond Buzz: The Next Generation of Word-of-Mouth Marketing. She blogs regularly and thinks well.

And she wrote this on my post the other day:

How about the differences between buzz making and meaning making? Or the 9
themes people like to talk about and hear about? Aspirations, how-to,
counterintutive, etc. Feel free to take from my blog or new book, “Beyond Buzz.”
My nephew is a seminary student and sees parallels between the business examples
and his work. Best regards, Lois

She was exactly right. Her comments about meaning making relate to getting her books off the shelf, but they also helped in my own thinking for my presentation.

Go read the executive summary (downloadable) of the book. Great ideas.

Great modeling of the very thing she is talking about.

Thanks Lois.

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