Things to write later.

1. I need to talk about sabbath, about taking one day in seven to not focus on myself, my work, my goals. Today I read that we aren’t supposed to let people judge us on what we eat or drink or how we celebrate various religious or sabbath. So does this mean don’t take it (a sabbath)? Or don’t be legalistic? Inquiring minds want to know.

2. Hope and I were at the urgent care clinic tonight, not because her problem was urgent, but because we, like many people, would rather go to the clinic now than have to schedule an appointment. As we sat in the waiting room, I jokingly offered her “Golf” magazine. She immediately responded “I have my Neil Simon.” How can I argue?

3. I want to understand how to help people tell stories.

4. I want to understand what living for today really looks like and feels like and lives like. It is biblical, over and over again (take no thought for tomorrow, what you will wear…..). But is it really possible?

5. That’s enough for now.

Good night, everybody. Change the world.

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4 responses to “Things to write later.

  1. I love the juxtaposition of rest, tell stories, live for today and change the world. It seems counterintuitive, but I think you’re really on to something.

  2. and i love the content analysis that you did of what wasn’t an intended pattern. I think you are right.

  3. 3. I want to understand how to help people tell stories.

    Tell by telling.

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