Not my job

“It’s not our job to go around deciding who’s going to hell and who’s going to heaven. Jesus would have said, ‘that is your job’ if it was our job.”

That’s Rob Bell talking on May 6th.

This isn’t Rob Bell.

What is our job as Christ followers? To bring people together with God. The actual word is reconcile. And our job is to reconcile people with God, because that was the job jesus had.

It isn’t judging. It isn’t creating funny categories that God didn’t create. It isn’t being more critical of dancing than of gossip or pride or overindulging (in whatever). It isn’t having the perfect collective worship event. It isn’t being pious or spiritual or right or ‘together’. It isn’t about the building.

It is about building relationships. Building right relationships. Honest, authentic, caring, unself-focused relationships between people and people and people and God.

And it is about being clay pitchers with gaping cracks that remind us that we are not perfect, we are not special, we are not in the reconciliation business because we are so good.

and yes, there are connections between these thoughts and the bible. but the question for right now is, do these thoughts make sense? do they make enough sense to quit doing whatever I think my job is and do this? (I don’t mean vocation, I mean activity, I mean sense of entitlement, I mean….whatever).

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