the church is not

I was listening to a q and a podcast from a church while driving today. One of the guys said, “church is not coming and sitting at a regional teaching and worship event. It’s the people you are in community with and what you are doing together to effect change in the world.”

Then I went to a meeting of some people who are wanting to bring shalom to Fort Wayne by caring for people, by addressing issues that underlie poverty. And then I talked with a guy who is working with kids whose parents are in prison. And then I ate lunch with a guy who is helping a local congregation understand how to not be a regional teaching and worship event.

And I understand that I am privileged right now to know people who are convinced that following Jesus doesn’t look like a concert or a conference or a convention. It pretty much looks like a conversation or a caress or a confrontation or a consolation. It pretty much looks like people and people.

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One response to “the church is not

  1. You know you’ll get a hearty “amen” from me on this post!

    We have to get away from church as a spectator sport — a Sunday morning event where we take our seats in the bleachers (pews) and sing along with the pre-game show (musicians) while we wait for the action to start (sermon). Oh, and don’t forget to drop the price of your admission ticket in the offering plate! We even give celebrity status to our clergy …

    Nope, it’s not about the trappings. Church is all about the people — inside and outside the four walls of the church building.