The choir season is over

The choir season is over

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I know. This is a bad picture in almost every sense. However, yesterday I figured out how to email pictures from my phone, an old camera phone. And then I figured out how to email them to here through flickr.

I know this way behind everyone’s curve. But you know, we just have to keep pushing the personal edges so that we come back to a middle of some competence.

I know that almost no one cares about this picture, and no one in it cares for this picture. But this is part of the crew that does the work to make the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir sound delightful. And this is what they looked like after having a recognition night for the 300 kids that are part of the choir, after having not eaten supper until 9:15 pm, after a long season.

So cheers to the choir, to the staff, to flickr and verizon and samsung and the infrastructure.

Oh, and thanks to Chris for reminding me that you can just email pictures. Pretty cool.


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