like finding a bathroom

My friend Chris twittered this today:
For today-say something completely unexpected or using uncommon words or metaphors to communicate. See how people react

The kingdom of God is a man who is going to a meeting in a large unfamilar building. It was a long drive and he drank a lot of coffee. As a result, when he got to the building he began to look for the bathroom.

It was a long search. There were signs, but they didn’t seem to help. However, something seemd to direct him to the men’s room.

Then he started down the hall on his way to his meeting. In his travels through the building, he saw someone else looking confused and distressed. It seemed as though the new guy needed the bathroom as well. At first he considered hiding in a doorway. After all, this person might ask him for help and he didn’t know where anything was (except, of course, the bathroom). But he decided to keep walking.

As they got close to each other, the new person asked the man if he could help. The man then considered many options.

He could tell the man to follow the signs. He could tell the man to listen to that inner voice. He could tell the man that he wasn’t from this building. He could tell the man to look for someone else. He could just point which direction to go. He could talk about the great meeting. He could tell the man to think about something else.

What the man said was, “I don’t know much about this building. But I do know where the bathroom is. I’ll take you there and then we can look for the meeting together.”

And the new person said, “Thanks. You saved my life.”

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One response to “like finding a bathroom

  1. That is certainly an unexpected metaphor! Very creative.

    What’s your username on Twitter? I found your blog via Chris and I’d like to add you.