We went to a high school honors night tonight. It was all very nice, students hear their names, parents get to clap. Hope has worked hard, so have many others. However, when it gets to the top seniors, the ones who have never gotten below an A-, they stand at on the stage and have everything they have done well listed.

I would love to hear the following honor:

While at Snider, Hazel has been a consistent B student.  given her average IQ, that’s a pretty amazing thing. She worked hard. she would have been in band but when she was in elementary school, her parents couldn’t afford to rent a flute and so she never learned. She wasn’t coordinated enough to play basketball, and when she tried out for softball, she didn’t make the team. Part of the challenge was that there weren’t any other kids on her street that would play with her.

In the last four years she has read 327 books…many of them 20 times to her younger sister whom she has taken care of so that her mom could work second shift. She has been a tremendous encouragement to her dad.  She has served as a volunteer at the nursing home for the past four years, most of the time visiting with her grandmother.

Next year she plans to go to IvyTech to be a nursing assistant and work at the same nursing home.

She would be here tonight for this honor, but she is reading “The Little Red Caboose” one last time…for tonight.

Here’s to the kids who are working 20 hours and taking care of family members and working hard with little parental support and whose absolute best is second string and B. They will never get a standing ovation.

But they are loved by God.


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  1. …and brought forth by Him to share their gifts in ways that challenge our assumptions of teenage wisdom, responsibility and compassion. I am standing and would that they could hear me clap.

    Thanks for the story Jon.