I’ll write more about all that is in my brain (okay, not all, but some of it) when I have the opportunity to think. In the meantime, here are the unthought thoughts.

1. My family now believes that I really do know a person named Chris Brogan. We had the privilege of spending time with him during his 24 hour stay in Fort Wayne. However,  as Chris and Nancy and I were talking in the living room, a friend of our son came through. As they were walking upstairs, Zach asked who that guy was. Andrew’s response? “That’s my dad’s internet friend.”

2. Waiting for Chris to speak today, we were listening to a guy from Verizon talking about FIOS fiber optic to the premises. A phone rang, the phone owner quickly stopped it, and the Verizon guy said, “You don’t have to turn that off, we love ringing.” Probably not original, but delightful nonetheless.

3. I’ll get a videoblog of Chris’s presentation on “your media, your way”. What was cool was that he did “his presentation, his way.” At a conference of people who start with a joke and then get stiff, Chris has passion, energy, and laugh lines. What is so compelling is that he isn’t about the product (though he did talk about He is about how lives can benefit from the relationships. It was delightful and a great reminder to get past the pitch and into lives.

4. The Fort Wayne Children’s Choir does a great weekend. Rehearsal on Saturday, concert on Sunday, short concert for elementary kids on Monday morning. I get to tag along as the dad of a singer and the husband of a staff member. Usually my job is to fill in the cracks. I wasn’t needed much at all. It was a great thing that the choir did. And the music was great, too. (more video work to do)

5. I miss my wife. We haven’t walked since Friday, which is the longest stretch since December 27th. After a late supper tonight, we are off to the mall. I can hardly wait (which says something about Nancy, since exercise isn’t very appealing at all).

So, a ton of editing, a cluster of posts about things I’m wanting to think about, some rest sometime. It’s going to be a great week!

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3 responses to “Notes

  1. I’m on Chris Brogan’s Twitter list of friends, so I kept track of his visit with you and family. In fact, he was the one who posted a link to Levite Chronicles some weeks back and that’s how I discovered your blog, which I enjoy reading. I’m glad you had a great day with your “internet friend.”

  2. You were a GREAT host, and have a LOVELY family. I’m so grateful for your kindness. I felt so very much welcome, and learned … oh so much.

    Spending time talking with you reminds me how little I truly know about community, and how much I can learn from a student of Jesus’s teachings, who so happens to be the kind to go after that one lamb. (Inside story, unless you hang with Rev. Swanson).

    Thank you. Thank you. I was so happy to meet you and your family, and to share some conversation.

    Best to you, from Los Angeles– Chris…

  3. It’s great that you met up.

    I am hoping to meet both you and Chris in person someday – hopefully not too long from now!

    (On my blog, you can see my post on meeting Heather – similar experience, though not as long as your meeting with Chris.)