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just a little catching up to do.

1. The 2 hour video story project works like this. I give myself two hours of working time. I have to have the idea and start shooting pretty quickly. I give myself permission to do the capture, editing, music selection, saving, and uploading on the same day as the shooting but at a later time. However, the total time on the project itself has to be two hours or less.

As I said in the first video, the point behind two hours is that I want to create something in the same time I would spend watching two episodes of evening drama. I make no claims as to the comparative quality between my work and theirs. From a technical quality point, they win. But as to the content….I’m not the judge.

So far, I have used Hipcast once and YouTube once. I’ll keep thinking about that. And if you have an idea for one of these, shoot it yourself. Just tag it 2hourvideo (as I did with the YouTube)

2. I’m reading about simplicity in several places these days, and one of the books today was talking about the need to figure out the most elemental ways to talk about God. How simple can we be in defining and describing church, Jesus, faith? How removed from church language and abstraction?

I think that this question may be what is driving the video project and my conversations with people and several other things right now. What are the barnacles that humans attach to God and how can we scrape them off on our way to just knowing Him?

3. Recently, I was talking with some people about church. I mentioned that I find lots of people who struggle with all the human rules. One of the people raised his hand, indicating his own struggles with those issues. The other two people missed this and started talking about the importance of one of those rules. I think they missed his hand. I love them all. I pray for us all.

Sometimes it isn’t all that pretty underneath. Nothing is painted, there are salt deposits, and rust. But we’ve got to work on the foundations for the rest of the work to have stability.


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