at risk of writing too often

I have time to think right now, and look back a bit. So here, go with me.

1. As Nancy and I were walking around the mall today, I watched the number of phones and wondered, “Are there more words being produced than there used to be?” I mean, what happened to the conversations that couldn’t happen before because there wasn’t a phone available? What happened to the crises? What happened to the affection? Is there a net increase or decrease in relationship struggles now that we can talk more simply (from a technology perspective) but now our inability to communicate is just highlighted more.

2. I shot a couple videos yesterday which are the previous two posts. The first of the two, the one on fear, grew out of a conversation with someone. As we talked, the story from Joshua 3 came to mind. As I read it, I realized that the priests at the front of the line had to get their feet wet. It was a huge trust test.

If you watch the video, let me know whether it makes sense, whether it works as a way to tell stories. I need the feedback, if you will.

3. The second video, about Fort Wayne, celebrates the impending visit of Chris Brogan. After 10 months of talking and writing and blogging and all, we will finally *meet*.

4. A couple weeks ago, I listed several thoughts about my current thinking about being a Christ follower.  Chris Marsden is trying to figure this out, too. He is doing some wonderful reflecting on what church should be and could be. What is cool (and terrifying for him some days) is that he is doing the reflecting with his life, not just his head.

5. A bunch of people from our church, the people who are responsible for the lives of people in middle school and high school, spent Friday night and Saturday thinking and praying and talking about how to do this better. We were up until 1:30 am, and then a bunch of us were talking with God about what to do already at 9:00 am. What impressed me was their willingness to be honest with themselves and God about our own struggles and challenges.
In the interest of full disclosure, we did talk about the struggles with some situations, but this moved into trying to understand how to work with real, individual people rather than the amorphous “kids” and trying to understand how to not just create programs but to develop relationships.

What was so exciting to me was that our kids have these 15 people, from 20-50 something who are willing to weep and to talk to God and to each other. Out of relationship will come relationship.

6. I just realized that all of these have to do with relationship. hmmm. Does that mean something? What do YOU think?

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3 responses to “at risk of writing too often

  1. Number 6 on your list excites me! And you are absolutely right to say “Out of relationship will come relationship.” It is no excuse for not preparing and planning for when I have a place to minister, but sometimes the preparation can/must be as much a preparation of me, of my heart and mind, as much as of any materials or lessons. A friend of mine says, “A message from a a life reaches a life” and I believe that is true.

  2. I guess there are more words, in some ways.

    This evening, my family meets blogging friend Heather’s for a meal. It’s the first time I will have met someone like Chris B for you. We met only through our sites & emails.

    (I hope to meet Chris sometime too. And you!)

  3. Here are my thoughts about more words. i’ve recently realized how much i need words. I need to say them, hear them, write them, read them. But in this need I am realizing that my tendency is to run to others for their words instead of running to God for His word. Communion with others is good and valuable, but I have to be careful not to use that as a substitute for communion with God. The phone, email, blogging makes it easier for me to do this (running to others).

    But, as to depth, the phone and email don’t compare to face to face, side by side communication. Blogging is closer, but I’m not sure why.