appearing May 1


4 responses to “appearing May 1

  1. Wow! I don’t know about anybody else, but I am excited! Do ALL your blogging friends get to meet Chris?

  2. hmmm. Sounds like a contest!

    Meet Chris Brogan. But what’s the prize?

  3. I think that Chris will have a great time in Fort Wayne. Based on what I know about you (a little, from your blogs and videos) and what I know about Chris (a bit more, cause we are in the same state) — I don’t think he is coming for Grand Rapids, or Grand Tetons.
    I do, however, think you ought to make him cut the lawn.

  4. Thanks, Barbara. And anyone, if you read this comment, follow the link above to Babara’s post for today (April 17) on the VaTech story. The connection to iraq, to the importance of understanding how many people are suffering, is important.