not afraid

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3 responses to “not afraid

  1. Here’s what I’m learning. The longer you stand on the bank, the harder it is to step in. Maybe even you’ve been a couple steps in and scrambled back out – were those crocodiles?! It doesn’t work to wait for God to change the course of the river, take away the river. it’s no good waiting and hoping for someone else to push you in and drag you across. What God is asking is step in, step out in faith, in trust, in obedience and be willing to go where that step takes you. Can I do it? I can – God promises. The real question is will I . . . will I be obedient . . . will I realize that the more scary thing is being out of the center of God’s will . . .

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  3. Yes! This worked very well…a good illustration to begin with, and the video was effective, even if you couldn’t part the Jordan.