just wondering.

Is there a difference between my “to do” list and my done list?

Does one reflect who I want to be and the other who I am? One who others want me to be and the other what I need to be? Does one reflect what I think is important and the other what God thinks is importnat? Does one reflect reflect a way to keep people at bay and the other reflect the tracings of distraction?

and which one is which?

Oh, and on Easter Monday, what did the disciples think when they got up and realized that the weekend actually happened? And after the resurrection, am I right in guessing that they didn’t see Jesus as often as before?

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7 responses to “just wondering.

  1. Being I’m not a good religious scholar, could you answer that? The climax of the story was the coming back to life. What came next? A watered down sequel? Life? Did they make a snarky ending that suggested “you’ll just have to find out yourself.”

    What’s on the go?

  2. Wait. I thought asking questions is how you get other people to talk.

    But you made me think, so that’s a good thing. And here are some of those thoughts.

    1. The climax of the story is the coming back to life…but no one saw it happen. A really great story climax is one that everyone can see. But this one, I don’t know. So maybe the coming back to life is the beginning of the story.

    2. On resurrection Sunday (what we call easter), some people see an angel who tells them that Jesus is alive and several people see Jesus himself.

    3. The consistent reaction from people hearing about these conversations (because, unlike Elvis, these are not sitings, these are conversations that Jesus has with people) is, “No, that can’t be true.” Which is delightfully human of them.

    4. The reaction of the people who actually see Jesus is, “You must be a ghost.” He makes them touch him. He has them bring a piece of cooked fish and eats it. He teaches them.

    5. After they have personal proof, they believe that it really is Jesus which means that they believe that he really is back from the dead.

    6. The sequel to the story is the book of Acts. The number of people who are called by the Name goes from 120 people in Jerusalem in chapter 1 to a group in Rome itself by the end of the book. In between there are people from all over the known world who are willing to be called by the name, to be Christ followers.

  3. OK. So how do we plug into the King’s agenda? Because I already know the failings of both my to do (extremely long) and my done (much shorter)lists. And more questions only fuel my confusion.

  4. Jesus appeared to alot of people after the resurrection, and that was kind of a big deal. I love the part in mark right after the “empty tomb” section that says that he opened their eyes to the scripture.

    Also, I notice that you didn’t mention the ascension, and the Holy Spirit coming. While they didn’t “see Jesus” as much in the same way as they had been, the Holy Spirit was always with them, helping them to change hearts.

    Another thing which I think is really exciting post-Easter is how quickly so many people were spreading the good news. Eye witnesses, people who were in the position to know the truth, willing to die for for it(and many did). Then the real, observable change in the people who became the first century church.

  5. You made me look at my to do list and ask, ‘What things would Jesus have me add to this, and what things would he be just as happy if I scratched them off undone?’

    And the idea of our to do list reflecting who we want to be … It’s funny but just before I read this I found an old To Do list from 2005. Two thirds of it still isn’t done. Oy.

  6. The scary thing to me would be if I found a “to do” list from 2005, and saw something then deemed “urgent” on that day that was still undone. I don’t have time now to go all the different directions that thought takes my mind, but…

  7. I’m scared of my to do lists from last week . . . let alone 2005