my neck hurts

actually, more my shoulder, and h’m tired from not enough sleep (not the fault of the sleepover last night) and I’m finishing up my part of the preparations for the service tonight and, my neck hurts.

Kind of bruised, actually, from moving stuff for tonight. Had to carry this thing from the storage room on the second floor down to the sanctuary on the main floor. And then getting it adjusted and all.

See, Max is talking tonight and wants us to focus on the cross, to think about what it really means to us that Jesus was nailed to a cross. And so, I moved a cross down to the platform. And carrying it kind of bruised my shoulder. It is a pretty awkward shape, a cross is. Hard to figure out exactly how to carry it. And when you take it down steps, it kind of bumps against your shoulder.

Glad I was wearing a sweater to soften the load and to prevent splinters. Glad I didn’t start carrying it on bare skin after having been beaten. Glad….


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One response to “my neck hurts

  1. Great perspective – our trials look so small in comparison to what Jesus went through.

    And I loved your church/podcamp post – may God give us as members of the Church ideas to keep it alive & fresh. Or just to allow more of the Spirit to shine through.