Sweet. Sixteen.

In something like 2.5 hours, our daughter turns sixteen. As a result (interesting way to say that, right) 9 girls are playing some game that involves listing names and laughing loudly and yelling in our living room. Sometime soon, this giggle of girls, (for that is what they are called, right?) will pour down the half-flight of stairs to the family room where they will have what is euphemistically known as a sleep-over.

I have a sense of desperation as I write, knowing that I have to be out of the office (which adjoins the family room) if I value my life and sanity. And, as I think about the meeting I have at 6 tomorrow morning, I am already lamenting the sleep I will not get.

And yet.

Some of these girls started middle school as lunch table friends, occupying a table in opposition to the cool girls. These friends, in our living room right now, were the nice girls, the friendly girls, the inclusive girls, the teased girls, the stable girls. Their laughter right now suggests that is it possible to be nice (not snobby) and still have fun. It is possible to know each other for five years, through three years of middle school, two yers of high school, and still be able to laugh and talk and be friends.

Tonight I have hope for the future if these girls are part of it. And, for sixteen years, we have had Hope as a future.

Happy birthday, Jar.

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One response to “Sweet. Sixteen.

  1. In continued reminder of my ego’s blinding ignorance, I missed this post.

    Happy Birthday, wonderful daughter of Jon. If I could tell you something that you might not hear in your day-to-day (that I *wished* someone would tell me when I was going through 16), it’s this:

    You are a superhero with all kinds of value and power inside you. No matter how it seems and feels in the day to day, the reality is that you are supported on all sides, and have power from within to boot.

    School is hard, people are tricky, and there’s never any promises for all that you’re trying to do to succeed in life. But if you at least believe in yourself, and that there are forces around you that believe in you, it makes the journey a little better.

    My best to you,