There they go again

Last October I spent a week in Gulfport, Mississippi with a team from our church. I wrote about it (and talked about it and pictured it and….).

This week another team from our church is there, and we decided to create a blog just for those times that our church does collective stuff outside the walls of our building. So far, two members of the team have been blogging and there are several pictures up.

Here are the cool things:

  • We keep going back to the same place and there are particular people who are making repeat visits. So often churches go to a place once. That is great for the people going, but it means that learning comes at the expense of the people we are trying to help. With a sustained presence, we can make sustained change.
  • With the new blog which is focusing on a KIND of work rather than on a PERSON, we have multiple voices talking about what is happening. Laurie’s word pictures today are familiar to those of us who have watched her trace the outlines of her own life, but there is something transcendent when she describes a place that I have been and that others have heard about. Mark is also writing and leading the team…a combined project which I personally know is challenging.
  • We’re building an online reflective presence for our work. How 2.0.
  • Our team has 37 people and I don’t know all of them.

Go see what our team is saying and doing. And let them know they are doing well at doing good.

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One response to “There they go again

  1. Nice stuff. Glad to see the church going ‘out.’

    Talking about online community, I just read this morning that if MySpace were a nation, it would be the 11th largest in the world.

    1 out of 8 marriages in the US in 2006 was between people who met online.

    The world is changing.