bizy bakson

That, if I remember correctly, was a sign somewhere in the adventures of winnie the pooh. It served as a source of great confusion as they tried to figure out what or who the sign referred to.

I feel like that, having disappeared virtually for a couple weeks. I needed, however, to be unbusy and the space created by not reading 50 fairly active blogs let me be unbusy.

But there is a cost, I just discovered. I missed Michael’s birthday. Actually, I missed more than that, but that is a useful example of what happens when you connect and then you don’t. Real relationships with real people come into existence. And then if you don’t pay attention, you find out that you miss ways to encourage, ways to touch, ways to treasure people.

Whether face-to-face or finger to finger, we develop connection and we must, we must, we must nurture that connection. It is what we were created for.

So I’m not unbusy anymore. And I’m back to reading a pared-down list of people whose thinking challenges me. Yes, this does mean you.

Sorry Michael. Happy Birthday.

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3 responses to “bizy bakson

  1. No apology required Jon. Welcome back. Hope that your time of being offline has been super neat. M.

  2. the sign read “Mr Sanders” … Which meant there there was sign above Pooh’s door with those words written on it. No one in the thousand acre wood knew why, they just knew what it said.

  3. You must be feeling a different kind of disorientation this week with such a quiet office…between staff who had their last day last week, and staff who are in Gulfport…Don’t worry, we’ll come back and help man the ship soon. Meanwhile, thanks for your prayers, friend.