I’m not really back. I will be back, but I’m trying to figure out why, when I quit reading blogs, almost immediately hymns started showing up in my head. Strangest symptom of withdrawal I ever heard of. And it really has me curious.

No, the only thing that could make me write right now it the fact that as of tomorrow, March 12, Nancy and I will have been married 24 years. It’s a pretty cool run for a couple who decided to get married without dating.

We’re spending the day running up to her parents to get a vacuum cleaner to use as a prop for the musical our daughter is in. Then we’ll come home and I’ll go work on the set and Nancy will head to the church to fix dinner for a ministry for teen moms, as she does two Mondays a month. Then I’ll go down to the church for a prayer meeting and then a counselling session with a couple married a bit longer than us, but with a few more struggles than we have.

I say all that not to lament our schedule tomorrow. We choose it. But I talked wih a couple today who want to get married at our church. They are so in love, so wanting to get married so they can be part of each other’s lives, so they can watch each other grow, so they can be together. And as they talked of bride magazines and love, I watched my bride walking down the hall with dinner supplies, and I realized that romance in life isn’t spending all your time consuming each other.

As much as I delight in being alone with my wife, I can’t imagine not watching her eyes shine as she is helping other people by sewing costumes or feeding 20 or 100 people or laughing with friends or loving a church, or knowing how much healing God has done to allow her to show love in some really painful situations, or helping her help 300 singers find their way around a concert hall.

I know what the novels say romance is (okay, not from actually reading them). And that isn’t us. Let us have another 24 years of laughing and stumbling and crying and walking and working side by side, and I’ll be even more delighted to continue to be, as we promised 24 years ago: completely committed.

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5 responses to “24

  1. CONGRATS you two. Wonderful news.

  2. BIG congrats!

    That’s an inspiration to us all – even us youngsters who have only hit 17 years together.

  3. That is perfectly lovely–Can’t think of a better reason for you to have broken your silence. If you didn’t come up with an anniversary card written by someone else, this would more than compensate.

    Happy Anniversary!

    We too married without really dating–and we will have logged 25 years in June. What a trip! Definitely looking forward to the next leg(s) of the journey…

    I love your way of putting it: “Romance in life isn’t spending all your time consuming each other.” Tell your young lovers that true romance is in the everyday…the romance is in the parnership, the shared joys and sorrows. It’s kind of like the bread and fish–never would have been multiplied if they weren’t first given up to Another.

  4. About the hymns…here’s my theory: Anyone who writes has to have words–meaningful, orderly words. In the absence of your own, those of someone else will fill the vacuum and the need.

  5. I “decided” to marry Robb without dating too. He, however, needed to take a more conventional route!