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In the first Willy Wonka movie, the Gene Wilder version of Willy says, “So much time, so little to do….wait, reverse that.” I live/love that.

Writing options tonight:

1. From one conversation: Is Lent for Lent or is Lent for Easter, that is, are we about doing good (giving up) for getting better or are we giving up as a response to what Christ has done for us? Is our standing with God determined by our actions for Him or His love for us?

2. From another conversation: Can we think of the Bible as a love letter, describing how God loves us? Can we think of the Bible…and God’s interaction with us as a blog, with a Flickr photostream (visions?) that God provides to help us see what He is doing and a twitter account to give us quick messages both to people generally and to people specifically (@Jon I really meant that).

2.a. Does the metaphor of “love letter” mean anything anymore?

3. From another conversation: how likely is it that my friends will want to help your friends? Does it depend on how closely connected my friends are to me as opposed to your friends and you? Does it depend on how costly the request? What else?

4. From a brainstorm: what about a video of the tuba player who has to play the national anthem at the end of the broadcast day and the beginning of the next and they come at 11:59 and 12:00 and there is a new cluster of anthems every hour because it is midnight somewhere every hour.

5. How utterly weird is it when a person on the platform in church on Sunday morning talks about the Presence of God, about trying to pay attention to the relationship rather than the doing, to simply rest in the presence of God rather than keep doign a big to-do list, how weird is it to hear that when that person and several others have been talking about THAT EXACT IDEA on three different blogs during the past week. So 2.0 meets 0.0.

So, my dear friends, what should I write about? Or rather, which one will you write to all of us about?

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5 responses to “a list

  1. on #5. RIGHT? It was so like Steve was living in my head this week that it scared me a little.

    on #1 I’d like to see discussion on this. My take is the giving up in order to devote ourselves to prayer – same idea as 1 cor. 7, but a broader choice of what to give up. And what DO we give up? Does that depend on what our own personal idols might be?

  2. I’d write about the strangeness of conversations recurring, and how like ripples on the water they are. What if the words never mattered, but were instead the bridge to the emotions?

    How does this truck against the world where words mean the most.

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  4. I started thinking about writing theology in community this morning, for that is what this is. Words always matter (create substance as well as significant) but we treat them as if they don’t.

    But i’ll pick this up in a week.

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