our messed up lives.


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20 years ago today (February 25), our lives were turned upside down when Andrew Thomas Swanson was born. We didn’t know his gender until he showed up and a son was more than I was sure that I wanted to handle. However, I choked out his name through my tears and we started our lives together.

He is full of surprises. He ate supper with his parents last night, and then headed home and assembled most of a microwave cabinet on his own while we went walking. Understand, this is the kid who would never stand still while I was doing countless building projects. He sat at the table tonight with cousins, parents, aunts and uncle and grandparents holding his own in conversation. Wit and graciousness and wisdom and appreciation. Just now he said, (home briefly), “Mom, for my birthday I want you to teach me to play piano.”

Parents never get the kids they deserve. We never deserve the kids we get. For reasons only He knows, God brings us together to accomplish and allow things in the lives of each of us, parent and child, which, if granted space, will be used by God to bring glory to Himself.

So this moment, as Andrew is sliding his way to Allie’s, in our car and in God’s arms, I give thanks to God for the son He gave us two decades ago. What seemed like forever on nights he wouldn’t go to sleep, is turning out to be way too short.

Happy Birthday, Son.


2 responses to “our messed up lives.

  1. Happy Birthday to Andrew. You’re part of a fascinating family.

  2. Don’t you love how God loves us through our children? And the fact that they surpass us in some ways as they mature… I think that’s what happens when we aim the arrows of our quivers. Happy Belated B-day, Andrew!