oddly small world

Hope and I walked out of the church building Sunday night and found a guy on the steps, holding a laptop, looking for wireless. I was curious, obviously. I looked at his face, and realized that it probably was a guy who had moved into the church’s missions apartment that afternoon, an identification I quickly verified.

His name is Jim, and 3-4 days before he and his family had been in a country in West Africa. They have been living there in a small village. The other family from the states living in that village were Bruce and Dawn, a couple that we have known since before they were a couple, almost twenty years ago. 

We have known them, followed their lives, supported them. To meet a person that works with them on the front step was delightful, even if it was because they had all been fleeing for their lives.

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One response to “oddly small world

  1. This world is so cool now.

    My friend Heather in Kitale, Kenya – closer than New Zealand or Ghana, but I haven’t met her or her family yet – and we’re friends.

    Air fares are a lot cheaper than they used to be, but the cost is still prohibitive for allowing all of us to meet face-to-face. That’s what heaven is for.