4 things (part 3)

I was writing earlier this week about our new values statement I talked about community and I talked about “biblically based” being about looking at the Bible like a love letter.

The second piece of the statement is that we want to be caring. We want to be a community that is about pounding nails.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to be part of a community that is known for tearing 6 layers of shingles off part of a roof and replacing them in a weekend. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a community that decided that getting the roof finished on a Sunday afternoon was more important than anything, including what people thought about working on Sunday (especially since it was going to rain on Monday)? Who wouldn’t want to be part of a community that goes a thousand miles to pound nails to build houses for people they don’t know?

I want to figure out how to be part of a community that thinks that caring about people matters, that we can by our love for each other be part of changing the world.

And we do fall short. On the night of the Super Bowl, a guy from our small group was laying in a crawlspace trying to thaw a frozen pipe in a rental house. the rest of us were watching the game. Was there anything we could do? Not really. But presence would have been nice. And I’m not on anyone else’s case. I could have been there…and thought about it.

So we fall short, but we are trying. And I want to be part of a group with a great goal and a desire to get there.

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