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2 responses to “shepherd

  1. Jon –

    Your are simply wonderful.

    As a Catholic, I have noticed that we have a hard time leaving the hill. In our case, mass…one hour on Sunday, walk in sit, stand, kneel and leave. Sometimes we do this without talking to anyone.

    Our church is challenging one another to do more right now. We are attempting to be Disciples. We are thinking and talking about what it means to Evangelize (that loaded word again).

    This really hit home for me because to go out and rescue the one, storm or no storm…means sharing your faith.

    Culturally, this has not been a strong point for us Catholics.

  2. You can, you know, change “as a Catholic” to “as a ___”, because almost every group of ___ has the struggle about their corporate event.


    I’m reading about evangelism these days, in a corporate sense (Guy Kawasaki) and I’ll write more later about that. However, what strikes me about all the people he talks about, people who are brand evangelists (Macintosh, Fiskars, Cubs fans) is that they are doing exactly what we are wanting to do about Jesus. And why? Because they are talking about a real expereince with something real. And it isn’t marketing, it’s inviting people to share in what is real for them.

    I wonder whether our problem with evangelism rests not in not having enough motivation to go out, but nt fully understanding the delight and challenge and purpose that comes from being a REAL disciple of a REAL rabbi. If we don’t really believe that we are talking with God when we pray, that we are really loving each other rather than just being nice because it gets us something, then we aren’t going to want to invite anyone to our club.

    For example, you may not care whether anyone gives a rip about running, but you care whether they get to know Megin. Because you know how dynamic she is and funny and passionate about the mom thing and about running and about life.

    I’m increasingly aware that I cannot be about inviting people to join a club or share a set of beliefs that works for me. I have to be about finding people who know that they are in the middle of a storm and help them and when they wonder why I care I can explain that there is this shepherd that has been looking for them and I was just following along behind him.

    and, BTW, the Catholic DOCUMENTS about evangelism from the 1974 synod are incredibly thoughtful. They just haven’t been well-incorporated in to real life.

    Thanks, Rob.