2007, blizzard of, wasting of.

Our staff is addicted to something. Three of us were at the church briefly this morning to pick up stuff so that we can work at home. Another was planning to be working. On a day when we have closed the chuch because of the blzzard warnings in our part of Indiana. (everything else seems to be closed as well, though the roads don’t yet seem as awful as they could be).

The reason we can work at home is because we have web-based resources. So visitor followup, emailing, reviewing print materials, many infrastructure parts of our ministry can continue from wherever we are.

As one of the lead offenders, I am annoyed with myself. This is a perfectly good snow day. Blustery, blowing snow, furnace working better than it has in months, all four of us home. And yet, somhow, I think that the work has to get done because, cool, it CAN get done. I CAN check my email and work with ConnectionPower and edit video and therefore, I SHOULD.

But I think that for the next few hours I shouldn’t.

So I’m headed to work on the garage and then I’ll come in and take a nap. And maybe we’ll get more snow and it will really be a blizzard.


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3 responses to “2007, blizzard of, wasting of.

  1. That’s the spirit! On Monday I loaded up a USB flash drive with all kinds of stuff I could work on at home…and then I mistakenly left it at the office. I scoured the truck and the house for the flash drive, but finally concluded it was still at the office. So I did other stuff, stuff I actually wanted to do, stuff you normally leave “for a rainy day,” or a snowy one if necessary. I didn’t get a nap, but the idea was on my radar.


  2. Never did get the nap, but did clean and did shoot a completely different video and our family did play a game (which is pretty good with a 19 and 15 year old) and we did get teh driveway done and we did have a fire in the fireplace. Pretty non-productively productive.

  3. The snow hit Maine today. Everything was closed. Actually, it is still snowing. I haven’t checked email once today. In fact, my only computer time has been reading and posting on your site. The boys (5 and 7) and I built a snow fort, I also cleaned our bedroom. No work. It was glorious.