2 many voices (take 2)

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In take one I was talking about the number of voices I’ve heard today. Seth Grodin, Leonard Sweet, the first six chapters of the book of Acts, two ChangeThis manifestos (see below for links), conversations with Chuck and with Nancy and with Robb and Steve and others.

All of these conversations can be distilled to one theme: relationship.

Limit the number of contacts and work on transparent, significant, other-serving, value-adding, challenging, relationships. According to my conversations today, in those relationships we find healing, business relationships, good coffee, experiences, meaning, an understanding of God, protection, a church that adds 5000 members in a month, and a bunch of other things.

What is challenging is that the marketing people are better at understanding building relationships than the church in general is.

Here’s what the problem is.

Jesus says: “Love me”

Then He says, “Keep my commands”

Then He says, “Here is my command: love each other.”

So, the way we have to love Jesus is by loving each other, which means that I’ve got to actually love and care about the welfare of and all that stuff the people that I see around me.

No wonder we take refuge in programs as churches and in advertising and in campaigns and in everything we can think of that means we don’t have to talk with…..people.

Ah well. I’ll just stop listening and reading.

Keep it real (change this)

Tribal Knowledge (change this) the culture of starbucks

Seth Grodin (An interview that emphasizes small)

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3 responses to “2 many voices (take 2)

  1. The ‘Small is the New Big’ Podcast was fascinating. What struck me was that he said it was better to put your energy into developing a product that connects so well with people that it will grow by word of mouth. For the Church, I think that putting more energy into discovering what it means to be an authentic Christian community will result in stronger, healthier, and growing churches.

    Also, he said connecting deeply with four people will yield more results than connecting superficially with 400. It reminds me of a quote from Eugene Peterson where he says, ‘Jesus spent 90% of his time with 12 Jewish men because it was the only way to reach all of America.’

  2. Absolutely. I was thinking about your ‘no advertising’ approach as part of this. It is community, relationship, love, that will do it. (it being the ministry of reconciliation)

  3. Small is the new big is so simple to grasp and so elegant but I am finding that big company CMOs with whom PodTech is working can not grasp the concept in general. They are so familiar with BIG audiences. It takes experimentation for them, and then they do understand. Anyone else out there have the same experiences?