90 – 3

That’s about how long since I last wrote here and the current temperature.

In a sense, the two are related because our house has been cold due to a furnace that doesn’t keep up with this really cold weather. Why does our external environment so affect our internal resolve? Not just because fingers get numb, but mostly because in the struggle to get enough heat, I find the will to write, the will to reflect waning.

The challenge for all of us is to make sure our internal resolve helps us through the change in environment, the thing that change our moods. I’d write more about that, but I don’t feel like it.


Part of the lack of writing has also been a surfeit of of talking. I was offline for 24 hours while at a church leadership retreat. We talked and prayed and laughed and thought and enjoyed thinking about what our core values are, what really matters to us. Then there was church, then there was a conversation with a guy going through a hard time, then there was a party, then there was some other stuff.

All of that reflection takes the place of this reflection. Apparently, I have a finite number of words. and hours.

We talked some about what we would like to be known for. Several things came to mind. One was “living with the Bible like it’s really God talking.” I growing tired of mere spiritual talk. Especially coming from my own mouth.

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