Life, comment 3.

Here’s a great set of thoughts on the Kleenex commercial. Greg is suggesting that maybe the church can think about listening. Which means, of course, really, people listening to people, one on one. Since the church isn’t something amorphous or corporate. It is people.

I’m starting to ask the question, “What do your friends need, that they could find here (meaning church?)” If the answer is “nothing”, then what’s the point?

But what if the answer were “a hug”, “an ear”, “help”, “tissues”, “prayer”: could we do that?

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2 responses to “Life, comment 3.

  1. You are asking the right questions Jon.

    When we think of that very loaded word Evangelization, we often think about telling.

    What if we were first meant to listen?

    I was reminded of the story of Phillip and the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:26-40). What strikes me about this story, is the invitation that is given to Phillip after he listens to the angel and hears the eunuch.

    The invitation to instruct, only comes after Phillip has listened and asked questions.

    He found out what the eunuch needed first.

  2. Rob, thanks. That’s a great read of that story. And Philip was one of the first deacons, basically responsible for the early church food delivery program. Very mush a servant heart, a listener, a wait-er (in boht sense of the word.