1 month down, 11 to go

1. “When we abandon ourselves to God’s direction and God’s discretion, we lose all hope of choosing our ideal way, but we also acknowledge that we have no ability to know what the ideal way is, which is why we quit trying to choose.”

2. From my ordination interview today: “How has your work in ministry shaped your understanding of theology?” Answer: “The Holy Spirit really is a person, directing me. God really does want a relationship with us.”

3. I stumbled across Sketchpad Warrior from an AVID editing site. Kristopher Battles is an artist and a Marine and he just did a 3 month tour in Iraq as an artist, drawing and painting the military, at times with great risk. His ability to capture people is remarkable. He’s home, but look through his archives.

And that’s it for the first of February. Only 11 months til we learn to write a new year.

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One response to “1 month down, 11 to go

  1. Recognizing that the Holy Spirit is a person is something we all need to be reminded of regularly. It’s easy to speak (theologically) about his personhood, but difficult to remember that he is a person who is listending when we talk about him and reading this post as I write about him. The dynamics of a conversation change when the person we are speaking about is present.

    I hope the ordination interview went well. I remember that during my first interview they suggested that my views of divorce were too rigid, and they suggested that as I visited churches over the coming year that I ask pastors how they handle situations of divorce and remarriage in their ministries. Divine irony?