15 and 5 and no more numbers

15 minutes ago, our financial assistant walked out of the bulding for the last time as our financial assistant. After 5 years with us she is quitting to see what God has for her next.

When Stacey came, she had just completed a degree in accounting, if I remember correctly. During the past five years, she has had two children, a friend that she loves who has ruined her own life, a new house, the start and end of a childcare at the church. She has also discovered that she doesn’t love numbers. She loves people and she loves Jesus and she wants to figure out what those two things mean.

A long time ago I read that work should put things into you rather than sucking stuff out of you. An employer, particularly a church, should be able to say that employees are better when they are leaving than when they arrived. I have always hoped for that and occasionally prayed for that but am always afraid that we aren’t doing it.

When we look at Stacey, I’m not sure who came out ahead. We got to watch God shape her, got to watch her cry in staff meetings (much to her great frustation with herself), and get to watch her care deeply about her family and her friends in MOPS. And, though we lose her as a staff member, we keep her as a friend and as a part of our congregation.

Brent and Stacey and Rachel and Jon. May you know God’s blessing.

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