almost 3

That’s how far it is when we do our usual walk at the mall, Nancy and I. (And I realized that I’m using numbers in titles recently, so I decided to keep that string going). Almost three miles of conversation and silence and weaving through traffic. We started just before the first of the year, and have been pretty consistent. It helped that the weather in Fort Wayne was warm for the first couple weeks.

Here’s what it does:

1. It means that we have 30 minutes to talk every day, without telephone or TV or email.

2. It means that we have something to do while we talk, which for guys is pretty important.

3. We are both getting exercise without it feeling like exercise.

4. We get to travel about 80 miles a month without having to figure out how to get back (you know, forty miles out, forty back).

5. One of us gets to lose weight.

6. It means that we feel like we are doing something constructive.

7. It means that we have 30 minutes to talk every day.(I know I said that before)

I’m not sure when we will be able to walk tomorrow, since I’ll be working all day and evening, but we’ll try.

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