A little kid has to have a great deal of business acumen  to ask his dad for something, right? He has to believe that his dad has the resources, has to assess whether it will fit into his dad’s schedule, weighs the cost and benefits of the request, figures out how to …


Most little kids I know just yell. Or just climb up on their dad’s lap (if the have a dad). Or just ask.

When we get older, we probably stop asking for stuff. Maybe it’s because we don’t think we’ll get it. Maybe it’s because we’re afraid of the strings that would be attached. We might have to spend the money well. We might have to admit that we can’t take care of ourselves as well as we thought we could. We might have to, well, admit that we are connected to what we have tried to get away from for all these years.

But don’t we want our kids to stay connected to us? Don’t we love to help them? Really? Deep down? Don’t we know that at some points we have to say no, but not because we hate our kids, but because we love them and know that some things aren’t really healthy?

What if God is a daddy, who really loves and really cares and really wants to give what will be helpful. What if God wants to hold us on his lap?

What if one of the ways to understand God’s love is to look in the mirror?

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