home again

24 hours with my parents and 8 hours on the road. It was a good couple days.


1. MP3s are wonderful. I listened to presentations and interviews and readings. A wonderful way to travel.

2. Tim Keller, Alistair Begg, the book of Acts, Bruce Ware.

3. My dad and I can do positive vandalism. In their condo, there is a system which allows residents to watch a camara focused on the front door and to then allow people in. The camera comes in on channel four, which we have called, “all people all the time.”

However, the camera has been pointing at the exit sign for the past month (rather than pointing at the door). With Dad on one walkie-talkie watching the monitor, I went down to the camera armed with Dad’s cane, evaded other people, found a nearby ladder (cane didn’t work), and figured out how to adjust the camera angle through the camera housing with my Parker pen. (Don’t ask). It felt like an undercover mission from some TV show..and was an absolute delight to work with Dad.

4. Memory isn’t just memory. So Dad still has only 128M on his computer. grrrr.

5. Getting a text message from New Zealand while putting up a bracket in your parent’s hall closet in Chicago is just odd. And fun.

6. Talking to a friend driving north from Boston while driving east from Chicago is equally odd. And fun.

7. Gino’s East Pizza, picked up frozen to be baked at home sometime in the future is, well, pizza heaven.

8. Lots of conversation with Mom and Dad, playing with my nephew Collin, seeing one sister and talking with the other one.

9. Clear roads

10. Coming home again.

Have a great weekend.

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