My life as a movie

When you invite boring people to play a game, you get boring stuff. Okay, not really boring, but certainly not a typical MP3 mix. Here’s the deal. You hit shuffle, and then you advance selection by selection through the following list of elements in a movie of your life.

Because there are only thre albums on my nano, and a bunch of lectures and podcasts, that what we get.

Opening Credits: Marketing voices podcast: seth Grodin

First Day At School:The Jawbone: Doyle Dykes

Falling In Love: Brave – Nichole Nordeman

Breaking Up: O Holy Night: Doyle Dykes

Prom: Overture: King Stephen Opus 117 (Beethoven) George Szell

Mental Breakdown: Symphony No 4, Adagio, (Beethoven)

Flashbacks: Systematic Theology I – Bruce Ware (really, theology lectures)

Getting Back Together: Someday – Nichole Nordeman

Wedding Scene: Symphony No 7, Presto (Beethoven)

Final Battle: Real to Me – Nichole Nordeman

Death Scene: Church History – Gerald Bray Piper (another lecture)

Funeral Song: Symphony No 4, I adagio (Beethoven)

End Credits: Lay it Down – Nichole Nordeman

I wasn’t going to tag anyone, but I do tag Michael who bears responsibility for my being able to listen to these lectures on what I call my silver seminary.

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