Is how do you think a more important question than how old are you? Rick Dugan is asking that question in “the end of generations”.

Rather than targeting age groups, maybe ministries need to be focused
on addressing the needs of people with specific worldviews regardless
of their age.

Rick’s talking about modern and post-modern in particular, but there are other elements of culture that enter in. Some people are old, some are young. Some people are conservative–regardless of age (not rabidly, but in a preserving the best of what works way). Some people are…, well, you can fill in the blanks, but the point is that when we think about people, we dare not put them into age categories.

I look at my age peers and I think I need to grow up (on one hand) and that I don’t need to worry about trying to look young. I resonate with people who are much younger…and much older than I am.

At the heart of Rick’s thinking is, I think, heart. What has shaped how people think and is there any connection between Jesus and that past and future. Moving far beyond religious categories, I hope and pray, and into really living in relationship.

And looking for complete sentences, I am.

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